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  • 購買噴碼機需要注意的事項
  • 本站編輯:杭州威克達機電設備有限公司發布日期:2019-11-26 19:24 瀏覽次數:


As a common identification equipment in industrial production, inkjet printer plays an important role in the production process. The selection of inkjet printer is mainly based on the following standards:


1. Spray printing effect: it is required that the spray printing font is clear and beautiful, and can meet the demand of spray printing line number. If it is required to print the image with high definition or print the barcode, it is necessary to select the high definition printer.


2. Speed: the inkjet printer should be able to meet the production speed of the production line, especially in the high-speed production of beverage, beer and other industries. If the speed of the inkjet printer cannot match with it, it will bring loss to production.


3. Stability: the machine shall be stable with low failure rate.



4. The operation and maintenance are simple and convenient: that is, the operation interface is easy to master, and the daily maintenance such as replacing ink solvent is simple and fast.


5. Environmental adaptability: fully sealed shell with high protection level can adapt to harsh production environment. Therefore, when purchasing inkjet printer, it is necessary to integrate the above standards and select a printer with good cost performance suitable for its own conditions.